The beaches of Margaree are exceptional. Sparsely populated even in summer, they are easy to find and close together, all found on a nine-kilometre stretch of coastline. Cape Bretoners come from distant points to enjoy them. It doesn't hurt that the water on the Gulf, or, 'sunset side' of the island is warmer than the Atlantic side of Cape Breton, allowing you to enjoy the full measure of these prime Cape Breton beaches.

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Grassy sand dunes, dramatic cliffs and a working harbour to the north sourround this beach. You can sun yourself and watch lobster boats return home. Turn off the Cabot Trail on the (south) Margaree Harbour-end of the bridge, (the south side), and turn onto route 219, the Shore Rd.(also known as the Ceilidh Trail) then almost immediately turn right into the lovely village of Margaree Harbour. If you are traveling north, turn left into the village; continue on to the end of the road. Visit and enjoy an old-fashioned general store, then continue on the gravel road, down the hill, and you'll find parking below two lovely lighthouses, more properly referred to as Range Lights. The beach is just beyond the dunes—stay on the path going over the dunes.
Cradled in a really superb landscape, you'll find Whale Cove just a few kilometres south of the village of Margaree Harbour, on the Shore Rd. (route 219). It's in plain sight of the road and there's parking above on the grass. You'll usually find an anchored raft for the kids, and there's a beautiful bluff above the beach which is perfect for a stroll; you'll find some of the most spectacular vistas on the Cape Breton from this spot.

This is the choice of local folks not only because of its sheer size, but also its privacy from the road. This gorgeous, clean beach is cradled in a cove, and offers safe swimming with long shallow water areas and great views. It also offers a clean, shallow, fresh water stream which crosses the beach and empties into the Gulf; kids love playing in and around it. There's rocky point to be explored, even in bare feet; the path has been worn smooth by generations of curious traffic. Cape Bretoners travel from Baddeck and Sydney to enjoy Chimney Corner's perfection. The road to the beach is exactly one kilometre beyond the sign for Chimney Corner Coastal Cottages on Route 219. Follow the road to the ocean where there is parking in a grassy lot by the beach.

This is a long beach, a mixture of sand and lovely round pebbles worn smooth by eons of wave action-perfect for rockhounds. The beach runs on the other side of a breakwater and continues further north. By the time you walk its great length and back, you'll be ready for some seafood and refreshment nearby at The Island Sunset Resort. Located just north of the Harbour Bridge, turn off the Cabot Trail onto Belle Cote Beach Road, right beside the Caper Gas Station. The easiest foot access to the beach is at the south end of the breakwater on the northern end of the wharf. Look for an opening in the boulders, not far from the big anchor.


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