The Cape Breton Highlands snowmobile trails are situated in one of Nova Scotia's premier snow belts. The trails lead west from Port Hastings to north of Cheticamp and connect to most communities within Inverness and Victoria Counties. You'll find a thousand kilometres of trails encompass this region and they are managed by volunteer members representing seven snowmobile clubs. The clubs are members of the Snowmobiler's Association of Nova Scotia and operate under the policies and practices of the association. The clubs work cooperatively to maintain a quality trail system.

Within the Margaree area, the Margaree Highlanders Snowmobile Club operates two large trail groomers and maintains more than 200 km. of the trail system in and around the Margarees. The connectivity of the trails to communities allows snowmobilers access to accommodation, food, fuel, and repairs. Try the lovely restaurant at Big Intervale Fishing Lodge, which is open all winter to both snowmobilers and everyone else. There's nothing like the snow in Big Intervale! The business community has supported the development of the trails.

As you snowmobile on our trails, you may encounter many forms of wildlife including moose, deer, coyote, rabbits and more. The trails will provide you with a wide variety of viewscapes, taking you from sea level through valleys and finally to plateaus in the mountains of the Cape Breton Highlands with elevations of up to 1200 feet. Trails cross both public and private lands; you may pass through remote areas where access to fuel and services may be limited. You should note well that weather in the Cape Breton Highlands may be somewhat unpredictable especially at higher elevations. You are urged to pay close attention to weather forecasts and be aware that trail conditions may change quickly.
The trails have been signed for your convenience with both destination signs and regulatory signs. Major intersections signs have also been numbered. The intersection numbers correspond with the intersection numbers on the Pathways Trail Guide to allow users to better locate pinpoint their location.
Note: Trail Guides may be obtained from the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia, (902) 425-5450, ext. 324, Pathways Cape Breton (902) 295-3177, online at or from many of the participating businesses along the trail.


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